Oneplus 30 Watt Warp Charger for Oneplus 5 to 8

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✅Compatible With Oneplus 5 to 8

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Original 30 watt Oneplus Warp Charger Buy in Pakistan

30 Watt Warp Charger Details:

Faster, cooler, safer

30 watt warp charger is our fastest ever charging solution. It’s smart too. Built-in, dedicated charging circuitry ensures efficient heat management and dissipation to keep your phone cool while charging. Reliable and always fast, charging is safer too thanks to automatic hardware safeguards and software optimizations. The end result? All the benefits of fast charging without downsides (overheating). 30watt warp charger is based on one of the latest & efficient technology.

A day’s power in 15 minutes

Your time matters. So how fast can you charge your OnePlus 8T? From 1%, charge to 58% in 15 minutes and full charge in just 39 minutes. Even better, the OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Power Adapter never slows your phone down: stream, browse and game while plugged in for the same always-fast and smooth performance from your phone.

Speed for all your devices

Doubling the speed of Warp Charge 30T, Direct Charge technology delivers almost 100% efficiency at 30W output (6.5A at 10V). Squeezing every drop of power, the versatile Warp Charge 30 Power Adapter also turbo charges compatible phones, tablets and even laptops for a truly all-in-one fast charging solution. It’s fully backward-compatible too with previous OnePlus devices, offering Fast Charge speeds.
Compatible with All Oneplus Devices

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