High quality UV curved glue Glass protector for OnePlus Phones


Available For: Oneplus 7 pro, 7t pro, 8, 8 pro & 9 pro. Please select correct variation while placing order.

✅High quality edge glass

✅Authentic product

✅Oleophobic Coated

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Other information:

Oneplus glass protetctor details:

  •  * 1. UV full glue full cover tempered glass,Unlock with fingerprint,good quality.*2. 9H Hardness, ultra only 0.25mm thickness and 4 hours tempering time .*3. High screen sensitivity and comfortable touch feeling.*4. Ultra thin tempered glass made by high technical process.*5. Made of chemical processed glass, has excellent display effect.*6. Anti Oil/ Water coating, avoid smudges and reduce fingerprints.*7. Easy to install, self-adhering, leaves no sticky residue after removed.*8. Screen film can resist scratches and damages from unwanted scratches. Oneplus glass protetctor is very recommended if you are buying an Oneplus device.
  • Installation Steps:

    1.Removing any case from you phone and clean the screen with the wet wipe and cloth.
    2.Dry the screen with dry cloth.
    3.Remove dust from the screen surface,to get the flat, clean and dust-free glass screen.
    4.Place custom glue drops on screen, It is recommended that the glue be poured completely(The glue that drops on the screen cannot have air bubbles,if there is an air bubble, use the needle to pierce the air bubble to release the air.)
    5.Remove the release film from the protective film,then place the screen protector to a suitable position on your device slowly. Please do not lift and press the glass to let the adhesive spread,Just let it automatic dispersion.(very important)
    6.Wait for about 30 seconds to let the glue slowly spread and level.If there is glue overflow, wipe off with a clean cloth.After checking the retention criteria for the mobile phone’s tempered film, the lamp should be turned back and forth three times around the edge of the phone, and after 3 seconds of initial curing (not in the middle), the edge glue should be wiped again until the glue overflows. (Prevent white edges or long bubbles on edges).Wait for the exhaust to complete. After the glue overflows cleanly and the positioning standard of the tempered film is satisfactory, turn on the light. Otherwise scrap the material.

  • Why Uv Glass Protector?

  • UV Glue glass is used where normal glass protector cant do the job. For those phones which have Curve shaped display, Normal Protector cant be used, So thats why this Awesome invention is used.
  • Available for All Oneplus models having Curve display

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